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Taking Care Of Your Makeup Brushes

Good makeup brushes are not always easy to come by. Even products from reputed brands can vary in quality due to the nature of the materials used. There will be differences in quality between batches. When you find the right brushes for you, take proper care of them. You don’t want to be searching for new brushes after every several months.

When properly taken care of, makeup brushes can last a very long time. Taking care of your makeup brushes is quite easy. Aside from proper usage, you want to clean the bristles at least once a month. As you use your brushes, dead skin and organic matters from your face can get trapped in the bristles. These can cause the clumping and hardening of the bristles. The hardened bristles are prone to falling off. This also makes the bristles a haven for microbes which can contribute to breakouts.

In cleaning your makeup brushes, make sure to use gentle cleaning products. A solution of baby shampoo is recommended by experienced makeup artists. The mildness of the shampoo keeps the adhesive that holds together the bristles intact.  The moisturizing effect of the baby shampoo keeps the brush soft. It cleans without being too harsh.

The cleaning process is very easy, simply dip the brushes in the shampoo solution and gently press it on the bottom of a small bowl or any other container of water. Then wipe it on a piece of tissue paper or cloth. Repeat as needed until no more color comes off from the brush.

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